Siteworks, Excavation & Drainage has grown from many years in the farming industry into the directing of civil construction.

Siteworks initially started with a 12 tonne excavator focusing on the supply of Drainage services and excavator hire to properties west of Geelong.

As demand is constantly growing Siteworks has endeavoured to take on these opportunities as a way of expanding their capabilities and services. This makes Siteworks, Excavation & Drainage more versatile and able to complete a wider variety of jobs.

Siteworks, Excavation & Drainage now service all areas throughout Victoria.


Our capabilities now extend far beyond the initial drainage plans as we work within larger civil construction jobs. Siteworks, Excavation & Drainage are constantly expanding, our client base is also.

Siteworks major focus is Safety, Quality and customer service. Our focus is on building a foundation with our customers of safety, quality and customer service therefore allowing us to progress into larger scale jobs and build a respected company for our level of service and viability within the industry.